Are Americans Addicted to food? Is what we eat killing us? Has our Food Pyramid become a Food Sarcophagus? A whopping 90% of Americans say they eat healthy, yet 70% of Americans are overweight. It doesn't quite add up, does it? This Episode we will be Speaking with Self-proclaimed Wealth Addict, and Founder of the Charity Organization, Groceryships- Sam Polk.

Groceryships teaches families that cooking and eating healthy can not only taste good- but it can be affordable too! Groceryships teaches families that cheap does not have to equal processed, sugary, obesity causing junk food. Tune in to learn how and why Sam and others believe that we can do better, and how you can feed your family better too!

So join Dee, Saucey and Badger for all the Genetically Modified Word Vomit we can Mislabel for your Desperately Malnourished Earholes!

Garbage, The Other White Meat 6/29/2014




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