This episode we explore the troubled life, comedic genius and tragic death of the legendary Robin Williams: As millions mourn the unthinkable death of a comic icon that had so much more to give, some criticize, mock, and even celebrate his passing. Where does the hate for the beloved comedian come from, and how can we even begin to understand his unexpected suicide?

Join us as we talk with Nancy Virden, author of the book "Called to Live: A Chronicle of Recovery After Attempted Suicide," about her personal struggle with Major Depression, suicide, and what it can be like having the mind of a suicidal person.

We will also be talking to our very own Honey Badger about his rage filled comments towards Robin Williams, his hate of what he sees as a hypocritical outpouring by the public due to his death, and why he thinks we should not be nationally grieving the life of the one-of-a-kind comedic genius, Robin Williams.

So join Dee, Saucey, and Badger for all the Intergalactic Shazbot we can Na-Nu Na-Nu into your Boring Terrestrial Ear Holes!

Na-Nu Na-Nu, and Thanks for All the Laughs, Robin Williams 8/17/14


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