How much freedom is too much freedom? Should Americans be allowed to do whatever they want with minimal government involvement, or does there need to be a fine balance between my freedom and your pursuit of happiness? This week we will discuss those lines where political correctness bleeds into infringement of our personal freedoms and where liberty to the point of extremism leads to zero accountability to the guy standing next to you.

And joining the panel this week from The Deacons, M-13 and one of my all time favorite punk bands The Pist  Punk Rock Juggernaut Al Pist. Al will also stick around for Kettle Of Fish to talk about his worst customer ever. Click Here to listen.

So join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all The Bullshit Excuses we can Blamelessly Transmit into your Guilt Free EarHoles.

Freedom To Be Dumb! 11/01/15


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