So here we are, another terrible year filled with hate, division and ignorance behind us. We've somehow made it to the end of 2015 without annihilating ourselves, so what better way to celebrate making it to 2016 than with our Big Awesome Super Groovy End Of The Year Wrap Up Show! 

This episode John Lehr (Quick Draw and the upcoming HBO series The Loop), William Sanderson (Newhart, Dead Wood and True Blood) and Alt. Model Sheila Shawndell (New Co-Host of Dirty Minded Divas) Return to help us say goodbye to a year most of us wish we could forget.

And click Here to listen to our Kettle Of Fish After Show. This week Presidential Hopeful Vermin Supreme stops by to talk about Free Ponies, Zombie Energy Production and Dental Reeducation Centers

So join Dee, Saucey, Duane and Fern for all the Heinous Auld Lang Syne we can Deceitfully Fear Monger into your Politically Paranoid Little EarHoles!

Goodbye 2015, You Hateful Son Of A Bitch! 12/27/15


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