Did Leonard Nimoy fake his own death so he could kill Judge Antonin Scalia for Obama? Did Ted Cruz murder him? Is Scalia even dead? These are some of the nutty conspiracy theories that are already making the rounds on social media. This week we talk about the passing of Judge Scalia, what it means for the Supreme Court, Republicans vow to block any nomination, and those who celebrate his death. And joining our panel this week the star of Evil Dead Live Rob Harpist. And all the week's top stories.

And click Here to listen to our Kettle Of Fish after show. This week Actor and Comedian Nico Santos stops by to talk about Making Something Of Himself At Cloud 9.

So join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Jurisprudence we can Passionately Adjudicate into your Court Ordered EarHoles.

Spock Killed Scalia In The Conservatory With The Wrench 02/21/16


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