Coincidences happen every day. Stories of strange, seemingly impossible, events of almost mystic proportions have been told for thousands of years. But are these Strange, Improbable, and Rare Happenings really all that remarkable, or just the result of a grander design of cosmic law? Find out this Sunday when we talk with Professor of Mathematics and Senior Research Investigator at Imperial London College, David J. Hand about his brilliant and thought provoking book "The Improbability Principle".

Tune in to hear my own Weird and Inconceivable Tales of Coincidences, as I talk with David about the true meaning behind these Odd, Bizarre, and Unexplainable events. 

So join Dee, Saucey and Badger for all the Verbal Happenstance we can Lady Luck into Your Skeptical Little EarHoles!!

Whatta the Chances? 5/25/14


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