Ahhhh Remember the good old days, where you could have an opinion without it ending a friendship?Where relationships consisted of more then just "Like-ing" each others cat pictures? Where you ladies could get drunk and break Coyote Ugly on the bar and not have to worry about it going viral and getting you fired from your job the next day.

So many rules to live by now, who can keep track of it all? The Good Book Can!!! No not that "Good Book"! FACEBOOK!!! Where friendships go to die! This week we will be talking about Facebook and how social media has not only changed our lives but how it has ruined our relationships and transformed how we as humans interact with each other.

So join Dee, Saucey and Badger for all the Digital Word-Vomit we can Internet Troll into your Anti-Social Little EarHoles!

Facebook: Where Friendships Go To Die! 6/15/14




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