It's the show that was 99 episodes in the making- Our Big 100th Episode Extravaganza!

This week is open format and anything can happen as some of our favorite guests stop by to talk about turning 100! This episode, Raychelle Keeling from season 3 of King Of The Nerds joins us, and Kory Clarke from Warrior Soul calls in to wish us a happy one-hundred.

And click Here to listen to the Kettle Of Fish aftershow. This week Actor John Lehr stops by to talk about Winning Like A Winner Who Wins. We'll also be announcing the winner of our Kettle of Fish Giveaway!

So Join Dee, Saucey, Fern and Badger for all the Centennial Mischief we can Redundantly Podcast into your Ancient Little EarHoles!

No Country For Old Podcast 04/24/16


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